10 Great Important Features Women Are Looking For In Boys

Finding a person is not an easy task. And sometimes it seems that a group of acquaintances is made up of too many fives and insufficient princes thanks to those who propounded it. We met with three relationship specialists, including married counselors and authors of the 30th-anniversary edition of getting the Love You Want, Dr. Hendrix and Dr. Helen Hunt. Marriage and Family Therapist Amy McMahan, MS, LMFTA, is trying to find out what women are looking for (and should be!) Mr. Right.

1- Chemistry:

Do not feel bad the next time you drop someone because “chemistry” simply does not exist. McMahan says that women were initially attracted to men because of their attractiveness. “We think about ourselves, can we talk to that person, so I feel much energy when I talk to him?” These are qualities that help establish the foundation, establish a link and deeper relationship with that person, “McMahan says.