15 Tips for Make-Up That All Older Women Should Put Into Action

The occurrence is one of the main causes of our female membership. We are constantly in conflict with how we see ourselves, from the moment we were born, in reality.

In the end, the fact that a person decides not to carry makeup or does not complement fully depends on it and should not be intended to satisfy another person.

Do not worry you can enjoy the glory as in your youth with just a few beauties and smart makeup. We have a lot of research to create these 15 smart tips for beauty and make-up just for you!

1- No Eyeliner? Mascara Saves!

Your pencil is spent for nothing; Vessel with gel for mascara removes the bottom, and the liquid coating is completely dried. Or you might be traveling and forgot to pack a pencil for your eyes; Oh, the tragedy!

Here’s how you save the day: put a mask on the mask to get a good drop of mascara. Then transfer it to a clean, hard surface (your nail is ideal for tangling); Rub the edge of the brush with a fine tip and drag the thin line along the eyelashes (the thick line may not apply very evenly). This method is safe for your eyes and will ensure that your mask remains so long!