15 Tips for Make-Up That All Older Women Should Put Into Action

2- Say Not To Dust

Dust is an important part of our makeup routine for many of us. Maybe it’s because we started using makeup during our teens when our skin is much thicker and … well, harder.

The problem with the use of dust when you are older is too prone to lubricate the skin and, finally, to detect wrinkles and small wrinkles that you may not notice, but you certainly do not want to attract attention.

Dust can still be useful when you go out at night, but it is best to replace it with one of many creams or sprays that will not only keep the base in place but will also cover up all these wrinkles. These products are also a much better alternative for a more informal and everyday beauty regime.

3- Lips

The lips are not secretive, but the contours can help fuller lips in several strokes with the brush. You only need two lip gloss shades (darker and brighter shades of similar color), a delineator that is also a complementary color and a traditional corrector. After collecting supplies, start aligning your lips with the edges. Be careful not to leave your lips, but on a slightly nervous part on the edge of pigmentation.

Now draw the lines that go to the center of the mouth. Begin by filling the outer half of the lips with a darker lip, then with a lighter tone. Using a sponge, carefully mix the two shades in the place where they are, but do not mix one color with the other. Clean the edges with a small corrector and this is a fuller pot!