Best 10 Ways to Refine, Revitalize or Recycle Old Makeup

9- The Last Drops of Perfume

When you reach the bottom of the bottle of perfume and the pump does not reach the last drop, we are inclined to completely reject it. However, these small drops can be used to convert anybody lotion to the body without odor in the scent. As soon as you can, pour the perfume into the lotion bowl, shake it well and use it!

10- Raze Radar

Yes, if you are a master, you can hardly find anything!

In the same way, you can also use antique makeup to create a masterpiece for your home. You can use old roses, nail polish, etc. it melted like a color for your handicrafts. You can also recycle old makeup containers and use them as storage boxes, such as pills and small jewelry. When you have a creative thumb, the world is your cucumber!